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A fully automated system for fast and easy blocking with re-usable organic block-piece and a UV-curable adhesive for generating and polishing to AR coating.


A fully automated, versatile soft tool digital polisher for high volume lens production. With three independently controlled polishing chambers, the cutting-edge single-tool approach, and many more innovative features, production is more flexible and efficient than ever before. It features a standard Premium process covering the full standard range of lenses, and optionally also includes specialty processes (extended working ranges, high luster, top speed, hyper index booster polishing).

Integrated Smart Conveyor (ISC) 

A completely unique approach to automate with extremely flexible and intelligent conveyors and different levels of routing software, offering configurations for every lab.


Satisloh’s MES-360 Manufacturing Execution System provides real-time data for all machines and production processes to optimize productivity and increase competitiveness for every lab.


Digital lens production at unmatched speed, low investment and with few operators. Satisloh’s Metro-Lab, based on ART Technology and single sided AR coating, is fast and provides unsurpassed production stability for small spaces. It offers perfectly matched machines as well as full compatibility with leading lab management and lens design software packages. The modularity provides complete freedom for lab expansion as volume grows.

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