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A fully-automated ART block-piece handling system, the ART-Block-Pod enables closed-loop block circulation from job launch to job launch, eliminating operator block-piece manipulation while increasing lab productivity and efficiency. ART-Block-Pod supports up to four ART-blockers, launching up to 200 jobs per hour, and is designed for easy maintenance and serviceability.


ART-Deblocker-2, the next generation of fully automated ART deblocking technology, separates lens, block-piece, and adhesive using a high-pressure water jet. It enables labs to fully automate their surfacing operation to increase throughput and efficiency. Part of Satisloh’s Alloy Replacement Technology, it is designed for maximum robustness in multi-shift operations and has an 18% reduced footprint.


An innovative excimer laser solution, Lens-Engraver-EC engraves semi-visible markings on all lens materials. Its unique marking flexibility and premium engraving quality sets a new standard. The Lens-Engraver-EC ensures repeatable and outstanding engraving results every day, through its fully automatic process, control and stability.

Performance Package for VFT-orbit-2

 The new Performance Package boosts VFT-orbit-2’s throughput by up to 20%. Its´ intelligent tool concept with RFID technology enables fully automated and condition-based calibration, freeing operator time. The new temperature and flow control sensors offer faster feedback loop, process stabilization, and increased consistency.

In Chamber Tinting

Introducing new coating processes for in-chamber tinting on organic and mineral lens materials, it speeds up the lens dyeing process for large production batches. Processes include AR coating, and ensure a safe and clean environment for the operator.

Coating Planetary System

This new system for mirror coating sport visors is available for large batch coatings with Satisloh´s 1200-DLX-2 and 1500-X box coaters. Capacity depends on the visor’s dimensions. The systems provide perfect coating without compromising color uniformity.

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